Come and visit Clovelly Lakeside lodges where a warm welcome awaits you all year round. Situated in one of Devon’s most picturesque areas, an ideal place to unwind where the word tranquillity springs to mind. The lakeside is a haven for an abundance of wildlife, a bird lovers dream. One of Britain’s most elusive birds the Kingfisher has made his home here look out for him. Birds of prey such as Kestrels and Buzzards can be seen flying overhead. Pheasants roam freely amongst the woodlands. Awaken to Bird song and don’t be surprised if a friendly robin or chaffinch joins you on the veranda for an early morning piece of toast. As the day draws to a close it is not unusual to find wild rabbits appear from the hedgerows. On the rare occasion deer may be seen and ponies roam freely on pastures. A leisurely stroll around the lakeside is a treat for both young and old alike, where trees, shrubs and wild flowers too numerous to mention can be found. Once you have been and experienced this beautiful place you will want to return again and again.